Valet Service

Our Valet Service is a free pick up and drop off service to your home or business!
Sign up today and receive a $10 credit towards your account!
Absolutely free. No hassle. No worry.

How’d you like to simplify your life and keep your clothes clean and beautiful? Our Valet Service delivers on both counts with a service designed to make your days easier and your clothes cleaner.

We pick up and deliver twice a week to your house.

Set your clothes outside for pick-up, and we handle the rest!

FREE – no additional costs to you whatsoever.


How it works

For customers in our service area, our Valet Service makes pickups and deliveries twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Simply put your cleaning outside before 8:00 AM in our special yellow VIP bag. We can also provide you with a special door-hanger. You don’t have to be home anytime we pick up or deliver your cleaning. Just have it ready by 8:00 am and we’ll do the rest!

Choose a location visible from the street protected from the weather and convenient for you, where we can leave your pressed garments. If such a location is not possible, we will work with you to find the best location for this service.

We return your cleaned clothes to you three days later. For example, if your delivery area is in the Monday/Thursday rotation, we pick-up on Monday and deliver on Thursday. The clothes we pick up on Thursday, we return the following Monday. So we pick up twice-a-week and we deliver twice-a-week. Direct to your doorstep. At no cost to you.


How Much Does the Dry Cleaning Valet Service Cost?

Our Dry Cleaning Valet Pickup and Delivery Service is absolutely FREE! Your costs are the sameas for clothes we clean at our store. In order to keep this a free service, we ask that our Valet customers average at least $30 a month and live in our service area. There is no minimum spending requirement but this service is designed for regular users of our dry cleaning and laundry services.


How Do I Pay For the Dry Cleaning Valet Service?

To pay for the cleaning, we can either charge your debit/credit card for each delivery, or we’ll send you a monthly statement with the balance charged to your debit/credit card. For safety reasons, we do not allow our drivers to collect from customers.


Sign-up is as Simple as 1-2-3

  • Click on the button below and fill out a sign-up form (Get $10 in free cleaning for signing up!)
  • We will call you to set up your schedule.
  • Celebrate! You never have to use your time on dry cleaning again!



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I’m on vacation?

Simply call us ahead of time so we don’t drive by your house on our regular route. If you have clothes with us, we can hold them until you return.

Do you pick up and deliver on holidays?

We observe the following holidays: New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

What if my order is not cleaned to my satisfaction?

Simply return the item to us with a note explaining the issue. We will clean the item, free of charge. Please feel free to call us and explain the issue, so we can be absolutely certain we meet your standards.

Who do I call if I have any questions about my home delivery service?

After your initial sign-up, our Valet Manager will be your contact for any route issues or problems. You can reach him at 205.602.3842

Do you serve businesses?

Absolutely. We’re happy to deliver directly to your business. If you’re an owner, consider offering this as a great perk for your employees.

Can you offer the Valet Service one-way only?

Yes we do. You can personally drop off or pick up your clothes with our “One Way” service. We’ll have your order ready within 24 hours.

For Drop Off: Just drop off your clothes at one of our cleaning center locations and we’ll return your clean clothes on the next regular service day to your area. Locations include:

For Pick-Up: Just leave your soiled clothes in your VIP Yellow bag for us to pickup. After we’ve cleaned your clothes, you can stop by one of our locations and pick them up at your convenience. We’ll even put your finished order in one of our “After Hours Lockers*” which you can access 24 hours a day.

On-Call Emergency Service

If you’re in an emergency situation and you need same-day cleaning, use our On-Call Emergency Service. Call our Valet Service Manager at 334.707.0677.

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